See the world through my eyes


Bastian Benjamin Brüsecke

Photographer and filmmaker


Discovering the world and open my own horizon has always been my dream. Meanwhile it has become a real adventure. My camera is always there, it gives me the opportunity to approach people, to give them a voice and to capture moments. This is how I create pictures and stories, which I want to share with you.

What I do

Stories captured in photo and film. Of people, journeys, rallies, or adventures. I publish these pictures on the Internet, in print media such as books and magazines, in cinemas and multivision shows.

Away from the big cities, the world is often more free from the background noise of allday life. That's why I'm particularly drawn to the desert regions of the world.


Travelling by motorbike, 4x4 and a Paramotor enables me to be mobile in almost any terrain. 

217.250 km

49 Countries

Who I do it for


For all


With film screenings and live commented photo and film shows, I personally bring exciting and informative reports to your attention. On my Youtube channel, facebook and Instagram profiles you can follow my adventures online. 

For organizers


I accompany sporting events and rallies such as Africa Eco Race, Hellas Rally, Rally Albania, Bosnia Rally, Gibraltar Race, Tuareg Rally and more. In the form of teasers, reports, daily coverage or a photographic accompaniment of the entire event.

For companies


I produce image films, company portraits and reports for companies. I help them to tell their stories and present products and services.