Abenteuer Abseits

(Adventure Offside)


Abenteuer Abseits is a fascinating, live commented photo and film show. A contrasting excerpt from an adventure life and a pictorial journey through the remote places of North Africa, Central Asia and the Balkans.


Between 2016 and 2018, Bastian Brüsecke covered 90,000 km on his motorbike, away from the tourist destinations, in deserts and in mountains. During his travels he accompanied eleven rallies as a photographer and filmmaker. 


The report takes the viewer from rallies in Northwest Africa to journeys to the deserts of Central Asia. With a glimpse behind the scenes of the rally world and authentic short stories, close to the people of the desert, an exciting reportage is the result. The vastness of the Sahara, the height of the Pamirs or the hospitality of Iran would be worth a reportage alone, but this reportage rather wants to convey the feeling of this kind of travelling and show what is possible if you follow your passion.


The length of the reportage is designed for approximately 90 minutes and is projected on the largest possible screens in high resolution.